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Tired of seeing so many hair blogs that show off extremely damaged, poorly dyed, or just flat out photoshopped hair. This blog is dedicated to high quality hair, people that know what they're doing, or care enough to take care their hair as they dye and style. Also going to include plenty of useful hair care tips.

If a photo of you is posted and you would like credit or for it to be removed just send a message and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

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Not Updating The Blog

I apologize, but I’m just going through way too much personal stuff to keep up with this blog lately.  If you’d like to follow me I still try to update my personal blog. I may pick the blog up again after I get some things settled, who knows. I’m very sorry! =[

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2 years ago
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toxipop: I love love love having vibrant red hair!  It is one of the hardest to maintain but the most fun color I’ve ever worn.  The biggest downside is finding and coloring extensions that match my hair texture and density well enough to blend into my [[at the time of this picture—chin length, currently shoulder length]] hair.

For shampoo, I use Hempz because its low sulfate and alternate with a red-color based shampoo mix made at home.  I condition with Ion Extreme Moisture Conditioning Creme, and for leave-in conditioner I used Beyond The Zone Protein Cocktail [[Ion and BtZ can be found at Sally Beauty Supply, as well as a generic of Hempz]].

The 18” extensions in my hair are from the brand Sassy in their ‘Colors’ line, and took roughly 3-4 packs just to get the right thickness on top of length.

2 years ago
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